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The views expressed here are those of the contributors (which for these purposes includes guests) in their individual capacities and in no way represent the viewpoints of the Centre with which they are currently affiliated, or with which they have previously held employment or other relationships. This blog only publishes content for informational purposes. Nothing in this article should be taken as legal advice or financial advice. A lawyer-client relationship will not be formed as a result of any conversations that take place on or related to this blog between contributors and other people.
This blog includes a number of links that will direct you to sites run by other people. The authors of this blog have not gone over all of the content on these websites or evaluated the truthfulness or dependability of any claims made within. The authors do not support the views expressed on these websites. These external links are provided purely for the discussion and consideration of Indian corporation law and other relevant subjects. Additionally, once a specific period of time has passed, it’s likely that some of the connected pages will no longer be functioning.
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